Daniel Fast 2021

January 11th - January 31st

From the Pastor's Desk...


As we begin this New Year of 2021, let us together give of our first fruit sacrifice to our Lord through fasting.  What greater gift than to cleanse our temple so that we may have a greater powerful spiritual experience to help followers of Jesus Christ develop a more intimate relationship with the Lord, seek answers through prayer, and grow in the love and knowledge of the Savior.

New to fasting, fasting when coupled with prayer, serves as a powerful vehicle to draw closer to God. This is a God-designed discipline to enable you to enter into a focused time of seeking the Father and His wisdom, intervention, and direction.  It is a time to seek God’s direction for our lives, to renew our commitment to Him and to empty ourselves of sinful practices that limit our growth development and our effectiveness in life and ministry.


Lastly, as a ministry I will decide our focus for the fast, however, personally, you must determine your focus for the fast and draw closer to God. But this is also an excellent opportunity to seek God for the challenges you may be facing right now.


The Greater Antioch Church Focus for this Daniel Fast are:


  • Church Growth

  • Renewed Commitment

  • Healing of the Church & Community

  • Winning Souls to Christ


I along with First Lady Cooper ask that you daily confess the word of God over your life.  If you have concerns in your life that cause you to worry and stress, give these needs to the Lord during the fast.  Please utilize the information we have for you and embrace each opportunity through this experience and enriching journey.


Pastor Uri & First Lady Rita Cooper



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