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Late Pastor
Superintendent, Dr. A. D. Cooper 

A man of God empowered to do the work God has call him to do, Pastor Cooper completed his high school education at Abraham Lincoln High School. He attended Southwestern College and graduated from Anthony’s Real Estate Law School.  He was a very successful real estate agency in this city for many years.  In 1979 Elder A. D. wanting to learn more about the word he enrolled into Liberty Bible College in Lynchburg, Virginia. He also attended Harrison Mason Bible College. In 2002 he received an honorary Doctrine degree from American Urban University by Dr. George D. McKinney.


In 1961 he was ordained as an Elder under the leadership of Elder A. D. Kirkpatrick. In 1963 the Lord called him to pastor (52 years) the Greater Antioch C.O.G.I.C. which began in the Women’s civic league on Clay Avenue.  He later purchased the property at 3102 Clay Avenue. He later purchased additional property at 854 & 864 N. Euclid Ave.


Supt. Cooper has served the church in many different capacities for more that sixty-five years. From Deacon, Minister, Sunday School Superintendent, YPWW President of the Calvary District, Ordination Board, Superintendent of District #9, Advisor to Bishop Benbow.  He is currently Superintendent of the Greater Antioch District, Jurisdictional Chaplin, Executive Board member, Ordination Board member and teaches Ordination Classes under the leadership of Bishop George D. McKinney 2nd Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Prelate and General Board member of the Church of God in Christ. He has also worked with the San Diego Organizing Project going to Sacramento working with our legislator to help attain resources for various underfunded youth programs.


Because of the exemplary and honorable life that Pastor Cooper lived, many men, including three of his sons, are Elders and very productive in the ministry of the Lord.


His motto: “Only Action Gives Life Strength.”

Our Founders

Late First Lady
Evangelist Missionary, Dr. Ozelle Cooper


Dr. Ozell received her Associated Degree from San Diego Community College in Child Development and a Bachelors Degree in Bible Studies from Trinity Theological Seminary.  She has also received numerous certificates and accommodations for the many years of service for the greater San Diego area. Dr. Ozell, alone with her husband Dr. A. D. Cooper received their Honorary Doctoral Degree from American Urban University by Bishop George D. McKinney, Jurisdictional Prelate of the Second Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ.  In May of 2003 Delta Sigma Theta honored her as “Mother of the Year”. 


In 1963, her husband, Elder A. D. Cooper, founded the Greater Antioch Church of God in Christ.  She then took on more responsibilities.  She served as Choir President and Sunday School teacher.  Currently, she serves as a Sunday school teacher, Women’s Department President, and Advisor to Women and Youth and is a great teacher.  She is the founder of the “Christian Community Intercessor Prayer Team (C.C.I.P.T.)” She is currently serving as Chaplain and member of the Women’s Department Examining Board for the Second Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction.


Dr. Ozelle is someone who leads with wisdom, trush and passion.  Her dedication to serving God has impacted many lives in San Diego County and beyond.



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